The Bake Off – my thoughts

So, it’s been a week since the Bake Off final and John won it! I really did not have him down as a potential winner, but he came up trumps when it mattered and I’m very pleased he won. I really hope he gets to go to Paris and become a patissier extraordinaire! He deserves it. I … Continue reading

The Great British Bake Off – week 7

It’s week 7, with 7 bakers left. And it’s sweet doughs this week. Signature challenge is buns, most bakers seem to fancy the Chelsea bun, or a variety thereof. Now, I’d never been a fan of Chelsea buns, there’s something about the raisins that I just don’t like. Until I went to Fitzbillies in Cambridge … Continue reading

The Great British Bake Off – week 4

Puddings it is, this week. I am taking a break from making what feels like a gazillion hydrangea petals. I have burgundy fingers as I type from the sugar paste. Very interesting week, this week. Puddings, my favourite bit of a meal. Is it just me who always looks at the pudding menu first when eating out? I see Stuart … Continue reading

The Great British Bake Off – Week 3

So yes, no Bake Off post last week. My week got slightly side-tracked by wedding planning stuff and a weekend away to see friends. Also, I don’t know much about bread and was just simply in awe of the 8 plat bread! Anyway, it’s tart week this week, something I’m looking forward to. This post … Continue reading

The Great British Bake off is back!

It’s the moment I think most home bakers are waiting for: BBC’s Great British Bake Off. And it’s back. It starts tonight. This programme fills my soul with joy and eventhough I am slightly bitter I didn’t get in this year, I am so looking forward watching it. Apparently, they have more challenges than ever … Continue reading