Gateau Breton

*waves* It’s been a while! Sorry. It’s been busy here, I’ve worked a lot, have been away to see my family, and it’s left very little time for baking things. So today I made one of my favourite things: Gateau Breton, or butter cake, or if you’re Dutch boterkoek. I haven’t had this in many … Continue reading

Let the cakes begin

Tonight MrFoxyBakes and I went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for our wedding cake. As you can see, it’s a crate full and this doesn’t include some of the icing I already have and I realised I also need lemons and raspberry jam. That will have to be bought next week then. In the … Continue reading

The Crossing-Border Cake – Part II

Remember my post from a few weeks ago to make cake for my friends’ wedding? Well, the wedding is next week and I’ve thought about practicalities of this. It turned out I can’t use the venue’s kitchen to assemble the cake and the lack of icing means the filled cakes won’t really be stable enough … Continue reading

Week word: Treat

So, I’ve joined in a Week word. This week it’s hosted by the lovely Jen over on Timballoo. I’m new to it, but here goes. For me, a treat is usually food-related. I have treats too often, as evidenced by my waistline, or lack thereof. But hey, it’s tasty right? Last week I hosted a … Continue reading

The Crossing-Border Cake: Part I

Tonight I was asked by friends of mine to make a cake for their wedding for about 50 people. The wedding is in 6 weeks’ time, so plenty of time to prepare myself. There’s a, albeit lovely, snag: the wedding is in Spain. This brings a whole new level to cake-making logistics. It was hinted … Continue reading