Change of address

Hello! As my baking has expanded more into making, I have changed the blog to: You will be able to find all the old Foxybakes posts on there, but there will also be in other content. Advertisements

It’s been a while

Hello. You probably have given up on this blog by now… Fair enough. I haven’t posted in a while as life has been a bit crazy. I have moved country in the past few months and am trying to find my feet back in my homeland of Holland. I am continuing my journey for the … Continue reading

The Great British Bake Off – The Final!!!

I am so excited, the Bake Off final is here. Well, in twenty minutes. I will be not be blogging about it until later this week, as I want to properly watch it and when I blog at the same time, I miss stuff. In the meantime, go team James!

The Great British Bake Off – week 8

Five bakers left, does this mean we only have three episodes to go? I am multi-tasking on this post: watching the Bake Off, whilst blogging and getting some wedding photos ready to go on Facebook… So, crisp bakes. Yum! I’m liking the sound of Danny’s Moroccan crisp bakes. But oh dear, Kathryn doesn’t have a … Continue reading

No Bake Off post this week…

Sorry people, no Bake Off post this week. I have been busy finishing kilt socks for MrFoxyBakes that have been in the making for over four years… I promised him they’d be done for the wedding, and there’s nothing like a deadline… I did watch the Bake Off, the pastry looked quite disastrous in most … Continue reading

In search of the perfect macaron – Part II

Not an easy journey really, the search for the perfect macaron. A tasty one? Most certainly, but filled with frustration at cracked domes, no feet, not holding the colour, not rising, too dry, undercooked, you name it! So, last weekend I decided to have another go. I googled various chocolate macaron recipes and stumbled upon a little … Continue reading

In search of the perfect macaron – Part I

After posting about visiting Pierre Hermé and having the most divine macarons there, I thought the time had come to try my hand yet again at these devilishly difficult biscuits. So, I used yet another recipe, this time BraveTart’s macaron recipe. Last time I used Marian Keyes’ recipe and they turned out ok… I think … Continue reading

Welcome to Foxy Bakes

Hello, I am Femke and I bake. Lots. For a while now I have been toying with the idea of sharing my tasty treats, and now is the time. It’s a dreary Bank Holiday here in the UK this weekend, and it’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I’m not British, although I do live here, and … Continue reading