The Bake Off – my thoughts

So, it’s been a week since the Bake Off final and John won it! I really did not have him down as a potential winner, but he came up trumps when it mattered and I’m very pleased he won. I really hope he gets to go to Paris and become a patissier extraordinaire! He deserves it.

I think James will be just fine. He will set up some crazy bakery and write tons of books and will probably get a TV deal at some point. I like his attitude to baking, I really wish I was as unflappable as him!

As for Brendan… well… His baking was of a really high standard, but as a homebaker I just couldn’t relate to his bakes. He was also way too traditional for my liking, and he hardly experimented with flavours. He never seemed to push himself, whereas the others did.

I am sad it’s done for another year. But I celebrated by doing some baking this evening for my first ever Clandestine Cake Club meeting tomorrow! It’s a Dutch Spiced Apple Cake. I’ve made it before for MrFoxyBakes’ birthday treat at work, but never tasted it. That shall be rectified tomorrow!


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