The Great British Bake Off – semi final!!!

It’s semi-final time people! How very exciting! We have left: Brendan, Danny, James and John. And it’s French week and there’s a shot of a snail. Yuk. That’s for the snail, not French week as I love French baked good. Which reminds me, I still need to blog about Paris. I will do that this week. I also need to blog about the spiced apple cake I made for MrFoxyBakes’ birthday at the weekend.

Let’s see what our bakers come up with in the signature challenge: petit-fours. Delicate! Ooooh, macarons. Dangerous… And chilli sugar… James… Really? If that works, hats off to you, my friend. And I will want your recipe. I am still on my journey to find the perfect macaron, as well documented on this blog, so my sympathies to the bakers. MrFoxyBakes has said he’ll be able to make perfect macarons, by applying his chemistry skills and common sense. I may put him to the test and blog about it…

Anyway, back to the bake off. Quite conservative flavours, apart from James with his chilli sugar! Well, Brendan’s swans look very dainty. And James! Water with your chocolate… Eeep, you brave man! And wow, you pulled it off, you clever man. And this is why I like James to win, he tries out new techniques and flavours, Brendan is just too much in his comfort zone for my liking. And I think it will be between these two for the final.

Danny’s macarons look amazing, that purple, beautiful! And an interesting combination of flavours, blueberry and peppermint. Interesting!

Technical challenge, blimmin‘ heck. ‘Make a génoise sponge’. Now, that’s bare as James said. I have yet to make a génoise sponge, I have some good recipes in my Leith’s Baking Bible, so I will have to give this a go at some point. And why why why do they need to use marzipan? Otherwise this fraisier sounds amazing… I wonder if fondant would do the job… Oh no, poor Danny, her creme patissiere hasn’t set properly. And nor has Brendans, so he’s not perfect after all.

And we have three gateaux St Honoré. I never had one, but I am planning on making one for a special occasion, maybe for Christmas. And James is making a Paris-Brest, another cake I have yet to tackle. I do worry a bit about him not really planning his bakes though.

I do feel sorry for John, it’s not his week, but I’m loving the sound and look of James’ slightly improvised attempt at a bike… But even though John worries, his bakes have worked out well this week.

Well, my vote is James for star baker. I think John will go home.

Yay James! Star baker!

Who is going home?

It’s Danny… Wow, did not expect that really.


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