The Great British Bake Off – week 8

Five bakers left, does this mean we only have three episodes to go?

I am multi-tasking on this post: watching the Bake Off, whilst blogging and getting some wedding photos ready to go on Facebook… So, crisp bakes. Yum! I’m liking the sound of Danny’s Moroccan crisp bakes. But oh dear, Kathryn doesn’t have a good start to the week, they look very dark.

Oooh, tea cakes, lovely. But in that heat, not great baking weather… That heat must be punishing! And I do wonder if Kathryn’s decision not to chill is going to be an issue… And it was…

Up next, gingerbread ‘structures’. DON’T make a house as Paul will smash it! Some of these structures look very impressive… on paper… Let’s see what happens when they need to be constructed!

Interesting to hear about the history of gingerbread. In Holland, you get speculaas, which is very similar. Actually, now it’s autumn I will just have to make some. I have little molds as well to make the biscuits.

Well, back to the structures, Brendan’s looked amazing! So neat! And well done James for star baker! Go James! I do like James.

Oh, poor Kathryn. I guess we saw this one coming.


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