The Bake Off – my thoughts

So, it’s been a week since the Bake Off final and John won it! I really did not have him down as a potential winner, but he came up trumps when it mattered and I’m very pleased he won. I really hope he gets to go to Paris and become a¬†patissier¬†extraordinaire! He deserves it. I … Continue reading

The Great British Bake Off – The Final!!!

I am so excited, the Bake Off final is here. Well, in twenty minutes. I will be not be blogging about it until later this week, as I want to properly watch it and when I blog at the same time, I miss stuff. In the meantime, go team James!

The Great British Bake Off – week 8

Five bakers left, does this mean we only have three episodes to go? I am multi-tasking on this post: watching the Bake Off, whilst blogging and getting some wedding photos ready to go on Facebook… So, crisp bakes. Yum! I’m liking the sound of Danny’s Moroccan crisp bakes. But oh dear, Kathryn doesn’t have a … Continue reading