The Great British Bake Off – week 7

It’s week 7, with 7 bakers left. And it’s sweet doughs this week. Signature challenge is buns, most bakers seem to fancy the Chelsea bun, or a variety thereof. Now, I’d never been a fan of Chelsea buns, there’s something about the raisins that I just don’t like. Until I went to Fitzbillies in Cambridge earlier this year and had the best Chelsea buns, they were delicious!

This episode is going to be pun-tastic, right? Sue’s already had some terrible ones… But seeing all these buns being made, I want some buns. I’m personally quite partial to a nice cinnamon bun. I wonder if our friends we’ll be going to see this weekend would care for some homemade buns…

Cathryn’s buns look lovely, but did Danny put a glacé cherry on top of her gorgeous Bakewell-type buns? Or is it a normal cherry? If it’s a glacé one, then no no no no no, awful…

So, doughnuts originate in Holland. I did not know that and Mel’s pronunciation of the Dutch word was so bad, I don’t think I could tell what it was. After looking on Wikipedia, I learned that they meant ‘oliekoek‘ or ‘oliebol‘, the latter is a tasty and traditional sweet snack you eat on New Year’s Eve with masses of powdered sugar! I have made many an oliebol in my time, with varied success. It’s so difficult to get them right as you run the risk of them being really greasy or too doughy and undercooked.

Some of these doughnuts are absolutely huge! And I think Sarah-Jane is in trouble…

On to the showstopper. Loaves! Oooooh, I love making enriched dough loaves. Every year, without fail, I make stollen. And that’s probably what I would’ve made if it was me in the kitchen. I have an amazing recipe for a non-marzipan stollen. I love the soft marzipan, but MrFoxybakes hates it. I found a recipe which uses apricots and nuts and then the dough gets mixed with white chocolate, apricots, raisins, currants and nuts. It’s amazing. And Sarah-Janes loaf sounds amazing too; cherry, chocolate and marzipan. Yum! And Brendan, yet again, is King of 70s retro baking.

And two people will be leaving. I wonder who… I think Brendan will win the whole thing, as he’s been baking so well and so consistently. I think Ryan and Sarah-Jane will go. But then again, maybe John.

Yay, for Danny as star baker, makes a change. And I was right, Sarah-Jane and Ryan. Damn, I had Sarah-Jane down as a finalist in the first few weeks, but she’s not been baking great these past weeks.



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