The Great British Bake Off – Week 6

Hello! I am back from Paris, it was great. Lots of food was had, and I will blog about it in the next few weeks.

So, it’s Bake Off catch-up time, as I missed it on Tuesday. I did some baking myself this afternoon and I have triple chocolate brownies in the oven as I type. I shall have some later with hot chocolate, it’s that kind of weather… Brrrr…

It’s pudding week. Now I th0ught pudding week was two weeks ago. Ach well. See, I’m not a massive fan of steamed sponges. Oh, chocolate fondants count as a sponge. Well, I like those. Very brave to attempt these, as for those of you who watch Masterchef might recall Jay Raynor say something along the lines of ‘the path to Masterchef glory is littered with the bodies of failed chocolate fondants’. Or something. Let’s hope they turn out better for Ryan, as his lime pie looked amazing last week. I also like the sound of the elderflower sponges… Maybe I should rethink my stance on steamed puddings… And poor Danny, not having a good start to the week.

Sarah-Jane has been struggling. I had her down as a finalist at the start of the series, but not so sure now. Although I think his baking is a bit too old-fashioned, I think Brendan is doing rather well.

Queen of Puddings… now, call me crazy, but I’m not a fan of jam combined with custard, never have. As a result, the only trifle I like is one with lemon curd. I do like meringue though. I’ll just have the meringue…

Mmm… strudel. Now, I like apple strudel. With lashings of custard. Years ago I used to make one quite regularly. But not with the strudel pastry. I like James’ idea of a rhubarb and strawberry filling. Yum. Oh dear, blooooooooooood. Poor John… But lots of strudels are bleeding as well.

I wonder who will go, it’s not been a great week for most. And Brendan as star baker yet again… Oh, no-one’s going. Hurrah! But two going on Tuesday, interesting…


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