The wedding cake – we have cakes

The three cakes

The three cakes, ganached and everything

Today I spent a good few hours battling with ganache. I won though, and am now sat on the sofa, after having washed off what felt like many dustings of icing sugar, ganache, cake crumbs, jam, butter cream and lemon curd.

The great bake started yesterday morning, and I was at it at 8am. I baked three cakes: chocolate fudge, lemon and vanilla. All came out fine, although the chocolate fudge one had collapsed slightly. I think that was my own fault for opening the oven for a peek. When I split them all to fill, the top layer of the chocolate fudge fell apart slightly, but I managed to wing it with ganache and so far, it’s holding up fine. If there are any wedding guests reading this, I hope it still tastes nice and as my very wise grandfather always says: ‘It’s dark where it’s going’, so hey ho.

Ganaching the chocolate fudge was straight forward enough, although I in hindsight, the ganache was a bit too stiff, I should’ve heated it through a bit to soften it. This cake is filled with salted caramel butter cream, and the first time round I burned the caramel. That always happens; you think it’s fine, but then it goes over the edge, like *that*.

The white chocolate ganache was more tricky. It sets more solid than the dark chocolate ganache and was rock hard. I had to reheat it, but it was too warm and I faffed around for over an hour trying to cool it, until I gave in and chucked it in the fridge to set. That did it! The lemon cake is a bit skew-whiff, but the ganache sorted it out a bit and I’m hoping that with the icing on, no one will notice! It’s filled with a mix of white chocolate butter cream with lemon curd and that mix tastes bloody delicicous!

I’m most happy with the biggest cake. It came out of the oven really well and with a filling of raspberry jam and white chocolate butter cream, it’s nice and straight and a good, solid base for the tiered construction.

So, tomorrow is icing day. I planned another layer of ganache, but I don’t think it needs it. I wonder if I will be able to get away with just one layer of icing. Well, we will have to wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, some pictures MrFoxyBakes took.

Lots of butter cream

Mmm…. butter cream

Filling the vanilla sponge

Yum! White chocolate butter cream


Speedy palette knife!


2 thoughts on “The wedding cake – we have cakes

  1. Hi Femke! It looks yummy already, and I’m totally in awe – I could never imagine baking my own wedding cake. I think the stress would just kill me! Good luck with the rest… as I was telling you on FB I am having a lovely time following your baking!

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