Tomorrow, the big bake commences: I will start making my wedding cake. Well, I have kind of already started. The last few days I have spent some making hydrangea petals with Beau Sugarpaste. The first batch I did, took ages to dry, I thought it was going to not set for, like, forever! It dried in the end though and subsequent batches have been much better and all petals are now so hard, that if they fall, they will shatter. As it’s supposed to.

So, tonight, the butter for the cakes will come out of the fridge and I will be disciplined and set the alarm for 8am, so I can get started. I have appointments in the afternoon, so that will give me 7 hours to bake 3 cakes, which should be enough. And make ganache to use on Sunday. After I purchased Planet Cake, an Australian baking book, I feel very confident about ganaching. The Aussies seem to prefer ganache to fondant, which I suppose with the humidity and heat makes sense. Any excuse for a new cake decorating book though…

So, tomorrow it starts. I’m hoping I will stay calm, I have a tendency to stress out when things don’t go my way in the kitchen. But, the recipes are tried and tested, I have practised icing and all that jazz, so it should all be ok, right?

I’ll post pics of progress here, but I will keep the reveal of the cake until after the wedding. Which is a week tomorrow. Oh my…



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