The Great British Bake Off – week 4

Puddings it is, this week. I am taking a break from making what feels like a gazillion hydrangea petals. I have burgundy fingers as I type from the sugar paste.

Very interesting week, this week. Puddings, my favourite bit of a meal. Is it just me who always looks at the pudding menu first when eating out?

I see Stuart is a good man and made his own wedding cake. He’s growing on me! I’ve never really attempted tortes, although I think after this week’s Bake Off that will probably change! I have to say I’m always intrigued by tea-flavoured sponges. Does it really work I wonder…

I like John’s idea of checking how a sponge is done, when it stops singing. I think I’ll stick to the good old trusty method of the skewer.

Whenever I watch the Bake Off, I take comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one freaking out when baking. Just ask MrFoxyBakes, he’ll tell you things can get um… tense… at times when I’m baking.

Some of these tortes look seriously impressive! I love the 70s throwbacks Brendan comes up with every single week. I have to say I might have to give Danny’s torte a go with the elderflower and white chocolate. I wonder if the recipe will become available on the Bake Off website…

Oooh, crème caramel. I am very good at eating crème  caramel. Now, are they not allowed thermometers to make sure the caramel doesn’t burn? And ‘make the custard’? I would struggle without a recipe, and I’ve made custard many times before. It looks like some of the bakers are struggling as well! Oh my word, Kathryn, don’t break the crockery!

Well, I think it’s fair to say there’s crème caramel in all kinds of colours and, above all, consistencies! Well done, Brendan!

Meringue, something I love!. So much so, we’re having meringues and fruit as our dessert at our wedding breakfast next week. Sarah-Jane, again, that looks amazing, a tiramisu meringue. Yum. Also, James’ one looks nice. I see Kathryn like living on the edge and sticking the meringue in last-minute. It needs an hour to cook and two hours to dry, love, get it in!

I wonder who will be up for the chop this week. Stuart hasn’t had a great week so far, nor has John. although his meringue stack looks impressive.

Well, bye bye Stuart…


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