The Great British Bake Off – Week 3

So yes, no Bake Off post last week. My week got slightly side-tracked by wedding planning stuff and a weekend away to see friends. Also, I don’t know much about bread and was just simply in awe of the 8 plat bread!

Anyway, it’s tart week this week, something I’m looking forward to. This post is written during the show, because otherwise I fear I won’t get round to it this week.

Before we start, some good puns from Sue. I do like the puns…

So, tarte tatins. I don’t think I ever made one. Although I have made rough puff pastry many a time. I usually make it the cheat’s way by using Nigella Lawson’s Processor Rough Puff Pastry, which works well for me. Now, I do think MrFoxyBakes will like the caramelised banana tarte tatin, so I will pay attention to Sarah-Jane’s tarte… But the marzipan layer on the almond and pear tarte tatin just sounds vile to me, but then I’m not a fan of marzipan. And also, did I just see someone whisking the water and sugar as it was heating up? Oh dear, that’s never going to go well…

Well, some nice tarte tartins there, now let’s see if I can hunt down a recipe for the caramelised banana one.

And now on to the technical challenge, mmmm, treacle tart. I have this recipe, I think. Some clever ways of making the lattice, I will have to remember that…

And I’m sorry to say it, but why is Stuart still in there? Didn’t he make the awful tomato upside-down cake in episode 1? He should’ve gone then… But hey, go James, I like him!

Oh, fruit tarts for the showstopper. Let’s see what they come up with!

Oh, James, macarons, you brave brave man! And liking the sound of Sarah-Jane’s tart with cassis jam. Yum! Seeing all these tarts makes me want to have tart. I’m off to Paris in a few weeks, and I may just eat my bodyweight in tarts. And that’s a helluvalot of tarts!

Stuart’s tart looks amazing though… something I would’ve made, probably. Maybe he deserves to be still in after all… He’s just not consistently good.

Now, who will be star baker? My bet is on James. And I think Victoria will go.

And I was right.

So, next week? Oooh, desserts. A nice distraction from what undoubtedly will be a week of making sugar hydrangeas for my wedding cake…


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