Let the cakes begin

Tonight MrFoxyBakes and I went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for our wedding cake. As you can see, it’s a crate full and this doesn’t include some of the icing I already have and I realised I also need lemons and raspberry jam. That will have to be bought next week then. In the … Continue reading

The Great British Bake Off – Week 3

So yes, no Bake Off post last week. My week got slightly side-tracked by wedding planning stuff and a weekend away to see friends. Also, I don’t know much about bread and was just simply in awe of the 8 plat bread! Anyway, it’s tart week this week, something I’m looking forward to. This post … Continue reading

The Great British Bake off is back!

It’s the moment I think most home bakers are waiting for: BBC’s Great British Bake Off. And it’s back. It starts tonight. This programme fills my soul with joy and eventhough I am slightly bitter I didn’t get in this year, I am so looking forward watching it. Apparently, they have more challenges than ever … Continue reading

In search of the perfect macaron – Part II

Not an easy journey really, the search for the perfect macaron. A tasty one? Most certainly, but filled with frustration at cracked domes, no feet, not holding the colour, not rising, too dry, undercooked, you name it! So, last weekend I decided to have another go. I googled various chocolate macaron recipes and stumbled upon a little … Continue reading