The Crossing-Border Cake: Part I

Tonight I was asked by friends of mine to make a cake for their wedding for about 50 people. The wedding is in 6 weeks’ time, so plenty of time to prepare myself. There’s a, albeit lovely, snag: the wedding is in Spain. This brings a whole new level to cake-making logistics.

It was hinted a few days ago they wanted to speak to me about cakey things, so me being me, I already thought about A Plan. I rang the airline today asking if I was even allowed to bring home baked goods with me and the orange airline said yes. Win! So, after a Skype chat with my friends, we have decided that I shall be making the cakes here, in my house, in my own, slightly  unreliable oven (although it always comes up trumps since I’ve had an oven thermometer!) and I will finish them in the kitchen of our holiday villa in the undoubtedly beautiful Spanish countryside.

We’re yet to finalise flavours, but my suggestion was a lemon cake with lemon curd and white chocolate buttercream and a chocolate cake with a salted caramel buttercream. I’m guessing Spain will be home to some amazing tasting lemons, so I shall make the lemon curd there. I’m hoping that the buttercream will be ok in the Spanish heat, as long as the cakes can be in a fridge for most of their pre-eaten life. My friend will make sure the ingredients for buttercreams and lemon curd will be waiting for me upon arrival at the house, which is amazing!

So, I shall check in a suitcase (I wrote suitcake initially, now wouldn’t that be cool?) with two cakes, an electric hand whisk, a lemon grater and with all my digits crossed it will all be fine!

I shall keep you all posted on the journey of the border-crossing cake.


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