Making your own wedding cake: Part I

So, yes, call me crazy: I am making my own wedding cake. I am getting hitched in September and after many weeks of looking around on the internet finding cakes and bakers that I like, I fell off my chair at the sheer cost of the damn things. I know, I know, I know, you pay for skill. It’s not easy to make a wedding cake, trust me, I know. I made one for a friends’ wedding last year, but it got me buzzing about it and I wanted to make one again. Hence I’m making my own. I am also very picky with flavours and as I have many coeliac friends and I’m a nice person, the cake has to be gluten free.

Making the wedding cake, for me, is part of the general wedding excitement. I have spent more time looking at potential cakes than at dresses. I have spent months agonising over flavours, up to the point where mt fiancé said that he doesn’t care about the flavours, anything I make will be tasty. Not.Good.Enough.

So, I have been reading recipe after recipe, trying to work out what I want. Cake is mentioned on the invitation, so I figure it’s one of the main events, after the whole I Do thing… I have decided though and I haven’t changed my mind in almost a month, so I think these flavours are the winners:

Bottom layer: vanilla madeira cake (no Victorian sponge, not firm enough to carry the weight of the other two layers), with white chocolate butter icing and raspberry jam, sealed with a white chocolate ganache and then iced with ivory icing

Middle layer: lemon madeira cake, with white chocolate ganache and homemade lemon curd, sealed with white chocolate ganache and iced with ivory icing.

Top layer: chocolate and banana sponge with dark chocolate ganache and salted caramel butter icing, sealed with dark chocolate ganache and then iced with ivory icing.

I made a trial cake for the top layer already…

Banana cake with salted caramel butter cream

And iced:

Decorated cake
The icing will be different, I was just having fun with texture mats!

I am hoping to get some nice lacey ribbon for the cake as well, I have seen something nice in John Lewis.

And now the important question: what chocolate to use for the ganache???


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